Schedule-create a schedule in your planner indicating when you will do the different parts of the paper. Remember to include the research time in the schedule. Start at the due date, and then back up two days for a cushion. Slowly move backwards until your start date.

Research- set aside several days for the research. The good thing about the Internet is that you can research from anywhere. If your school has purchased databases for its students, then make sure to get the user names and passwords

Make sure you understand what a reliable and credible source is. Also find out which form the teacher wants you to use (such as MA or APA) in the paper..

A Super Easy Guide to Completing Your Essay

Writing an essay does not have to hurt all. It can actually be a lot of fun. You can research a topic that interests you, and explore new subjects further. If you find you start strong with your paper, but have trouble finishing, then use our super easy guide.

Super Easy Guide

  • Start and finish strong-make sure the paper has a magnetic start and a strong finish. In the introduction you will have a thesis statement, hook, and background material. The hook can be a story, quote, or question that strikes a nerve in the reader. In the conclusion you will re-state the thesis, give a brief (one to two sentences) summary, and have a universal statement. A universal statement is an analogy or comparison about the subject that the average person can relate to easily.
  • Reference sheet-once you use sources, that means you have to have a reference page. A source is any information you did not know before you started the paper. There are many apps and sites that can help you to make the reference page with ease.
  • Build a thesis-the thesis is the statement that indicates where you are going with the paper. It will express your main points. It may read something like this “The Old Man and the Sea” has vivid characters, detailed settings, and symbols to express pain throughout the novel.
  • Finish early-if you built in a two to three day cushion with your schedule, you will finish it early. There is no feeling quite so good, as being finished early. You will find that if you stick to your original schedule this is easy to do. It also saves you if the Internet goes down or the ink runs out the night before a paper is due.
  • Proof and edit later-if you finish early by using your schedule, you can actually let your eyes rest and put the paper down for a while. When you come back to it to proof, your eyes and perspective will be fresh. It will be easier for you to find your errors. Some people cannot proof their own papers. If you are one of those people, simply enlist a friend or family member to act as paper editor.

Useful Tip


if you think of the paper in steps, not one giant task, it will be much easier for you to complete. Break the tasks into easy to do segments, so that it does not seem so overwhelming to you. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment as you are able to check-off each completed step. You will be finished with the composition before you know it.