Courting And Marriage

There is a big difference between wanting to date someone and courting someone. Dating might not always imply that you intend to marry, however, courting is well-rooted in marriage. Courting might be an outdated word in today’s world, but it means being romantically involved with someone you wish to marry. With courtship, comes commitment to marriage and is a solid promise of a future.

Difference Between Dating and Courting Someone

The main difference between dating and courting lies in the goals meant to be achieved by the end of the relationship. Men and women who date each other might often have no immediate desire to wed each other. It is when they begin to court each other that their relationship solidifies into one with a more tangible future. A courtship is achieved into when both parties are willing to take the relationship further into marriage. Some of the things that make dating different from Courtship and Marriage are:

  1. Stability
  2. When dating, you are faced with little or no interaction with the family members of your chosen partner. It is basically two individuals who feel attracted to one another and stay together for that reason. It is an exclusive relationship and completely free of each other’s influence.

    When a couple is participating and courting one another actively, they are accountable for their actions. As the relationship is established and develops, they seek the advice of their mentors or parents so their relationship is stable and more grounded than simple ‘flings’ nor do they waste time in something that has no future.

  3. Fidelity
  4. When dating, self-gratification is mostly what the relationship relies on. It is mostly physical attraction towards one another and a high level of intimacy, but little beyond that. This often leads to dating couples catering to their physical desires more than anything else.

    Unless it is an open relationship, couples who court each other are dedicated to their partners. Their friendship and relationship is nurtured and protected under their fidelity, which ensures that they have a solid future.

Though they are both similar, there is a marked difference between people who date and those who court. A courting couple has a mature mind and is at a mental stage where they believe in forming a future. Dating is not necessarily inferior, but it requires more than just physical and emotional attachment with one another to make it work.