Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is one of the major and prevalent threats facing the United States. The public, economy and state affairs are at daily risks because of cybercrime. These are crimes that involve the use of a computer system to commit fraud or other forms of crime. According to research released last year, cybercrime costs America, at least, one and a half billion dollars. Most of this money was lost through online debit and credit cards. This is a significant loss to the economy. The latest trend and development of technology soon points to a time when there will be no privacy. Thanks to cybercrime, people will be able to maneuver around and access other people’s personal and private information. This is worse when you think about the security issues. A lot of high profile information is also at a risk of being exposed to terrorists as a result of hacking and cybercrime.

Cyber Terrorism

The security of The United States is mainly built around machines and servers that store a lot of high profile information. They have managed to create a very dedicated security around the flow of information. However, with the increase in cybercrime, they are now at a risk of being exposed to terror attacks. With intrusion into the system, it is easy to organize for a cyber-attack. Also, due to political competition, political leaders could make use of cybercrime so as to coerce government organizations to obtain political advantage. Terrorism through computers may be through the creation of propaganda that affects the peace of the nation. Such acts could include giving false alarms about terrorist attacks so as to instill fear in people. This can be used on public holidays and on election days to influence the outcome of the election.

Cyber Extortion

This is very common, and many people are losing money through extortion. Mostly they target prominent people and rich tycoons that use mail services and websites a lot. They send a mail denial services and texts of malicious attack on your accounts. The hackers then ask for money to stop further attacks and offer protection to your e-mail server and websites.

Fraud and financial crimes

This is when people use the computer to give misrepresented information so as to gain financially. It has also been used to alert other people engaging in activities that may result in a loss. This is considered as fraud if there is some hidden financial gain. Other forms of financial fraud are using the computer system to perform a bank fraud and carding.