Eugenics In Early America

Eugenics refers to those sets of practices as well as beliefs that all aim at improving or making better the genetic quality of humans or the human population. It is a field that is vital in the History of America as it played such a huge role in giving the US a cultural history, just before it got into the 2nd World War. Eugenics was a practice being used in United States years before it was in the Nazi Germany. It provided a lot of inspirations to the programs that were later introduced in the United Sates and also the Nazi Germany. There was even a consensus between the policies of the Nazi Eugenics Policies and the others including the Eugenics in the United States. This was essential to ensure that all the eugenicists were conversant and that they understood the Nazi Policies as well as the rules and regulations and measures towards demands and goals realization. In as early as the 19th and the 20th centuries, the practices of eugenics were viewed and considered as essential methods of improving those present dominant groups in the population. However, today, the practice and believes, are linked and associated to nativists as well as racist elements. To some extent, the movement was controversial as it seemed to be a reaction towards making some changes in the immigration from Europe and not scientific genetics.

Eugenics in Early America and Immigration Restrictions

Some movements started associating themselves with the Eugenics. The Immigration Restriction League, for example, is one of the movements. Having being founded in 1894, this movement considered that some races were not to be allowed to enter and dwell in America. They also considered some races to be less educated and less civilized. They disregarded and were against any social or even sexual relations with these races as they would have negative effects on the populations biologically. The movement was also discriminatory and even worse lobbied some literacy tests on the immigrants into the United States. The belief they based their argument on is that the levels of literacy are normally low in people of the inferior races. Several committees were formed to strengthen the influence and belief among the people to the United States.

Fit and Fit Individuals

Unfortunately, the Eugenic movements used social classes and race to determine the fit and unfit persons. The eugenicists considered poverty as a characteristic of genetic inferiority. Women in the middle and a low class were viewed as unfit, mentally unfit and said to be prostitutes.