A List Of Potential Essay Topics On History To Consider

Writing an essay on history is easy in a sense that one has a lot of material to look into. An essay structure varies in structure in different academic levels. While an essay at school would be a five paragraph thing, in the university it might take the form of a mini thesis. History is everything that has happened in the past. History is being made every day. For convenience sake we leave a five-year gap before considering something history. History is so varied; it can include the history of the world, the history of a region to the history of a person. If you have been asked to write an essay on history, you can consider the following topics for writing.

  1. An essay on the cause and consequences of the holocaust that had taken place in the post second world war Germany. What are its long term effects?
  2. Examine the role of America in terms of the breaking out of Second World War. Was American right in dropping the atom bombs?
  3. Write an essay on the development of communism in Russia and its eventual failure.
  4. Discuss the causes and events of the American civil war.
  5. Discuss the positions of the two parties, America and Russia in the Cold war. Do you think the cold war has ended all enmities?
  6. Write an essay on the formation of the United Nations. Discuss how it has changed since its inception and how true it has been to its initial objectives.
  7. Discuss the Greek civilization and how much of modern civilization is constructed by their laws.
  8. The main aim of the British colonizers was to take the wealth from the colonized states and bring prosperity to their country. Do you think the British colonization had any positive impact? If so, discuss.
  9. Write an essay on the differences between the communism in china and in Russia. Trace the growth and spread of communism in china.
  10. Write an essay on how the various European states gradually landed in America, the new world and their setting up of a society in the foreign land.
  11. The international policies of America are responsible for the wide spread terrorism being caused by the Arabian nations. Do you agree? Justify.

The topics are really endless. If you want to consider more topics, then you can ask for help here. This site has a huge list along with formats of how to write essays. You can also find many solved essays for you to consider.