A List Of Good Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Argumentative (persuasive) essay implies raising some controversial topic, determining your opinion on it clearly, analyzing all the facts and turning the supportive ones into strong arguments that prove your point of view. If you have encountered some hot topics online that provoke a lot of debates and numerous comments, then you can catch the point. However, remember that your paper topic shouldn’t be stated in an offensive way, so make sure to formulate your thoughts properly.

Topical Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay

  1. Do women make better presidents?
  2. Does jogging really provide health benefits?
  3. Is it right for students and teachers to make friends in social media?
  4. Will graffiti ever become a legal art?
  5. Do you trust your government?
  6. Newspapers are a thing of the past.
  7. Does computer grading of academic essays make sense?
  8. Should euthanasia become legal worldwide?
  9. Is veganism safe for young children?
  10. Do violent video games enhance real violence?
  11. Does GMO food really have a bad impact on your health?
  12. Should parents control teenagers’ Internet use?

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Choose an arguable topic.
  • The problem you will be dealing with in your paper should obviously have more than one side. Learn the current facts and evidence properly. If the majority of credible opinions support the same point, there is no need to discuss such a topic at all.

  • State your own thesis clearly.
  • Your reader mustn’t guess ‘on which side’ you are. Your own opinion on the essay topic should be expressed distinctly. Avoid even making the hints that the opposite point of view is sensible, it will only weaken you main conclusions and puzzle your readers.

  • Find strong supportive arguments.
  • Study the relevant data carefully. Select the most valuable of them that support your thesis – facts, statistics, bright examples, comprehensive opinions from recognized experts. Remember that not only information itself, but also the form of its expression must be highly persuasive.

  • Pay enough effort to refute opposite opinions.
  • First, get well-informed of the opponents’ point of view. This will help you sound professional and verifiable while disputing and disproving their main arguments.

  • Pick up the topic that really inspires you.
  • Always try to choose the topics that really drive you to prove that you are right, for such term papers. It will make all the previous steps much easier for you to perform and will surely make better impression on your readers. It’s better when you not only choose which point of view to support, but share it indeed.