Composing A College Essay Successfully: A Handy Manual

When you are in college, you have other things in your mind besides school. You want to go out with your friends and watch a movie, plan a trip together or even discuss about the next event. Either way, you don’t find any pleasure in writing essays and every new assignment is a real torture for you. Even so, you know that you have to focus on this if you want to have a good career in the future. Here is a handy manual to use next time you have to write a composition:

  • Search for a controversial topic. In order to get your professor’s positive attention you have to write about something new and controversial. You can find some topics worth exploring in newspapers and magazines, but make sure that there are no fake rumors around there. Also, keep in mind that you have to keep yourself objective and not write the entire composition from your personal point of view.

  • Make research in smart way. Forget about searching information in old manuals and books full of boring essays. You have to search for information in the smart way, by taking interviews and discussing with specialists. You can quote these people in your essay or you can record the interview directly and present it in front of your class. Either way your professor will appreciate your hard work and dedication. This website is a great resource for new information.

  • Create an outline. This is a great way to make sure that your ideas are organized properly and you don’t forget any vital information. When you make an outline you have to know how many chapters you want to have and in what order you want to organize them. If later you decide that you want to change them there will be no problem, but at least you will have a good starting point.

  • Write with passion and confidence. Too many students fall asleep while writing their compositions, and this is exactly why their professors are not satisfied with their work. Try to be enthusiast about this for at least one hour and think positive while writing. You will notice that everything seems easier and you have good ideas without struggling too much. After you do this for a few times you will get used to create amazing pieces and your professor will be always happy to hear your assignment.