Where To Look For Persuasive Essay Examples On Racism

Racism is an unfortunate and troubling truth of today’s world. In fact, its germs had a field day in ancient times when there was a clear human demarcation based on the color of skin. The traces have still not completely evaporated, even after substantial evolution.

Observation is the key

If you wish to find examples of persuasive essays on racism, you need not check out stations and repositories. It will do to remain observant. Great people like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela faced racism in their times; it won’t be required to suggest that it is a common enough vice with general populace.

  • You need to have a look at how the society feels about immigrants and people of a particular background or caste. In India there is a clear line of distinction between North India and South India.
  • You can also check out how developed countries are so welcoming towards countries from definite shores and turn ignorant when it comes to certain brands of countries. This again is a case of racism at the highest echelon.
  • The cult classic Lord of the Flies suggests that the British kids ought to have behaved better as they were British and supposed to be the best breed. This again is a classic case of racism in writing.
  • When beauty pageants throw out winners from countries with people having non-white texture, there is a feeling of insecurity and wrong judgment. We fail to accept that beauty is not defined by the skin color but is an inner phenomenon.
  • The manner in which immigrants are treated in every country and blamed for just about every crime is a telling case of racism. You will find the instances in great number, if you check resolutely.
  • There is also a circumstantial habit of looking at cases of molestation of women in a weaker light when the women belong to a certain breed. This is in fact unfortunate but true and to speak honestly, most of us have fostered this outrageous mentality at some time.
  • The fact that black actors in Hollywood are often asked to speak in a particular accent is a harrowing case of racism.
  • Nurturing a general feeling that writers from particular countries cannot have much merit is another instance of racism.

In fact, you will be riddled with ideas once you begin this essay.