Looking For An Example Of An Essay Outline In The APA Format

When you get an essay to write in college, you don’t exactly feel over the moon. When there is a clear direction to follow a format (say APA), your energies sag further. There is only so much one can do.

  • The essay outline while abiding by the format includes a title page and the body. The title page has all ‘mentions’ in central alignment. You need to place the running head where the title is in all caps.
  • The center of the page then has the title mentioned again. Only this time only the initial letters are capitalized.
  • You then return to the base of the page where you mention your name followed by the subject and course number in the next line. Prof. this or that will be on the third line and the year of publication will make up the final line.
  • The next page is where your body starts. You will have to follow strict outline rules. When there are too many subheadings and points, you have to follow a hierarchy that suggests Roman Numerals in precedent state.
  • The capital letters (A B C) adumbrate the next heading.
  • The Arabic numerals (1 2 3) then phrase the next headings and the final subheadings will be in lower cases.
  • You can find out more about the outlines in lib guides and digital libraries. You should be completely groomed with the rules so you don’t make any cardinal mistake.
  • You should also demarcate headings, remembering that subheadings relate to the main heading. This means just as you change the subject of discussing, you will have to revert to main heading.

The bigger picture

APA formatting is not only about outlining so your write-up seems systematic and presentable. It is also about acknowledging the help that you have acquired. Agreed, you do not have to make too many acknowledgements in case of a statutory write-up, but rules are rules. The reference will be the final page of your submission.

You can check out the samples written in APA format and grab the inner essence of how the format decorates and authenticates the write-ups. Of course, wit proofreading, any flakes or crumbs wade off and you have a compact piece in hand. You should strive to write a similarly lined piece.

Make sure that you don’t fall in the habit of adding to many subheadings just for the sake of showing your ability to outline correctly.