Top 22 Catchy Analytical Essay Topics On Macbeth

Macbeth is one of the most famous tragedies of all times, so it is expected to have to do an essay on this topic at some point. The trick is to find a topic that will keep your colleagues interested; since they heard so many people talking about this already, they are not interested in it anymore. Here are some great analytical essay topics on this theme:

  1. The witches and their representation. Are they symbols for something else?
  2. The life of Macbeth. What pushed him to transform from a normal person to an aggressive, selfish one?
  3. Lady Macbeth. Is she important in the action?
  4. Key moments in the play; what is the most important moment?
  5. Symbols; name some and talk about them.
  6. The real legend; some people say that Macbeth is inspired by a real story.
  7. The Victorian Era; do you think that the actions of Macbeth are inspired by the society in that time?
  8. The evolution of the characters. Is Lady Macbeth worst than Macbeth in the beginning?
  9. Religion and supernatural. Are these elements present in the play? Do they play an important role?
  10. Guilt. This is the most common feeling in the play. Discuss about it.
  11. Was Macbeth mentally ill or he was just fighting for power?
  12. Morality; do you think that killing Macbeth was something moral?
  13. Lady Macbeth suicide; why did she commit suicide? Was it because she was feeling guilty, or because she did not want to see her husband defeated?
  14. What is the significance of the bloody hand?
  15. Can we describe Macbeth as a tragic hero?
  16. Why is the play considered cursed? Many actors who play in it refuse to mention the name of it, and they call it instead “the Scottish play”. Is there any legend behind this?
  17. Describe King Duncan. Did he treat Macbeth in good way? Did he do anything to trigger his behavior?
  18. Framing the servants; was this a smart move, or it just made the rest of the people have more suspicions?
  19. The New King of Scotland; how did he behave when he became a King?
  20. Why was Macbeth so paranoid? Was it because his hallucinations or he assumed that everyone is like him?
  21. Compare Banquo with Macbeth.
  22. Discuss the end of the play; did Macbeth deserve what happened to him.