My Favorite Vacation

My favorite vacation took place at age seven when my mother took me to Africa and we had a nice time when we visited the Jos City Amusement Park, Plateau state, Nigeria. I still regard that vacation to be perhaps the most exciting memories of my life. The excitement stems from the fact that it was my first time that I was visiting a zoo to see wild animals. The experience gave me so much delight than I have ever experienced during other vacations. My most exciting moments in that trip to the Jos City Amusement Park are the plane and the car ride, the tour round the zoo, the games at the park and the insightful lessons learnt.

The Plane Ride

Curiosity and anticipation filled my heart as I sat beside my mum aboard the plane at the airport. It was my first time aboard a plane. Strange? But that is true! Well, the moment before the plane took off seemed to take too long and when you consider my eagerness, it seemed forever. At last, the pilot’s voice came through the speaker warning all passengers to prepare for the take-off. Still lost in my thoughts, I didn’t make a move not until my mum tapped me on the shoulders and said to me, “junior darling, go on and fasten your seat belt.” The excitement I felt heightened when the plane taxied along the tarmac before taking off into the blue sky. I also enjoyed the food, the drinks and most of all the beautiful sight of the sky while in the plane. The car ride to our lodge through the beautifully lit city of Jos at night was an amazement to behold, something I will never forget in a hurry.

The Tour Round the Zoo and games

Our first point of call was the amusement park zoo which is famous for its array of wild animals such as the Elephant, Lion, Monkeys, Zebra, Baboon, Snakes, Crocodiles, Hippopotamus and lots more. I was filled with awe and great elation as the tour guard took us from one section of the zoo to the other, showing us the animals and telling us historical backgrounds of each of them. However, the most interesting of all was the evolution account of the monkey which he claimed man descended from. Although I did not quite understand the evolution story, it created a hunger in me to do a research to know more about it. We finally, arrived at the cage of monkeys where we were allowed to either stretch or toss bananas to the monkeys which grab them, eat before performing acrobatic displays to entertain us.

After the tour, we visited the games section where we boarded the merry-go-round before going on the roller coaster, an experience I had consistently dreamt of in my childhood days. It was indeed a very joyful moment of my life which makes it my favorite vacation.