Essay Topics On Health: 20 Suggestions From Experts

Thousands of students have been writing essays on different health topics. One wonders what is left to be discussed. The thought of writing a paper in health might therefore seem confusing especially the topic to choose. How then do you ensure that your topic is interesting?

  • Make it current- select an issue that is topical and write on it. Watch health news items, read the latest journals and be attentive to your environment. You will find topics that are relevant to the moment.
  • Make it interesting- with so many papers in the health sector, it takes a very interesting title to capture the attention of the reader. Use words that make the reader curious to peruse through the inner paragraphs.
  • Make it specific- your topic should focus on a particular issue or item. By looking at the title, a reader should be sure of what to expect. A topic that is too general will miss the interesting details while one that is too specific will feel too narrow to be captivating.

Here are topics you can consider for your essay in health.

  1. Workout should be made mandatory to obesity
  2. Junk food companies should be forced to pay for obesity research
  3. Acne cure should be from within as opposed to lotions and other substances on the skin
  4. Nursing homes as a source of abuse instead of healing
  5. The government should invest more in herbal medicine research
  6. Holistic medicine as the best approach when looking for cure
  7. Hormone therapies should be stopped until certainty on their use is undoubted
  8. Humor as the best anesthesia for chronic illnesses
  9. Arresting the effects of lead poisoning
  10. The risks of latex allergies
  11. Who should be responsible for antibiotic resistance?
  12. There is not uniform justification for long life
  13. Mosquito control and government responsibility
  14. The philosophy behind commercialization of nursing
  15. Bettering prison health systems
  16. Improving nutritional options in the wake of increasing popularity of canned foods
  17. Mixed-sex wards in health facilities
  18. Allowing familial care for patients with chronic illnesses in hospices
  19. The use of pesticides and future damage to people’s health
  20. Boosting the effectiveness of immunization

To ensure that the topic you choose for your essay fits within your area of study, consult your teacher. The teacher will also help in crafting the specific topic that will appear on the paper. Always choose a topic that is in your area of interest.