Political Corruption

Political corruption is one of the most disgusting challenges in the modern word. Political corruption involves an illegitimate misuse of office powers by either political leaders or government officers for private gains. According statistics across the globe, every year, billions of dollars allocate for public services enters into individual pockets through corrupt practices. This limits the services executed to public who pay taxes to receive such services. Research study shows that, most developing nations are the most victims of corruption which hinders their economical growth and development.

There are various forms of corruption which are practiced in different parts of the world. The most common forms of political corruption include: bribery, embezzlement, nepotism, patronage and extortion. Bribery is the most common form of corruption been practiced around the globe. Governments are losing billions of money and resources to corrupt and greedy leaders every single day. Corruption practices if not addressed can lead to criminal offences such as drug trafficking, money laundry and human trafficking.

Effects of Corruption on Economic Growth

In every given set up of government, economic growth and development is directly proportionate to the efficiency of the office holders. This implies that, corrupt leaders leads to economic stagnation or down fall. When a government is led by corrupt leaders, much of countries revenue goes to the pockets of such greedy individual, thus limiting the countries resources for both economic expansion and development. As a result, the cost of living of the citizens goes up leading to poverty within the nation. Further, political corruptions increase the rate of illegal business which in return lowers the country’s revenue collected through tax dues. All this put the economy of the country at a risk of collapsing.

Effect of Political Corruption on Politics

Almost all senior governmental leaders are elected through politics and voting. This brings sense that, when corruption is not well tackled in political arena, the public will end up having leaders who are not of their own choice. As a result, the mutual trusted voters had politics is lost and can easily be influence by loser in politics to cause conflicts and civil wars within the country. Political conflicts can as well make citizens to lose faith the legislative arm of government which may result to negative effects on the country’s jurisdiction process this may put the nation into endless crisis and conflicts which can adversely divide the nation.