The APA Essay Layout Format – 10 Rules You Should Remember

There are many different formats of citation styles that exist and are created so there is some kind of consistency based on the field of study that is being reported. APA is one of the many different formats that exist as well as Chicago, MLA, etc. Your professor will usually recommend a particular style that you should create your paper in so that they will be able to find things in each of the many papers they need to find. Here are 10 rules you should remember when you are writing in APA citation style format:

  1. The font is suggested to be Times New Roman with a font size of 12 point
  2. As in most papers, the paper should be double spaced
  3. Usually the Title Page comes next in this style of writing. The title page adds an air of professionalism to the paper and should include the title of the paper, your name and the school you are attending. Normally the title should be 12 words or less
  4. The next step in this style of citation formatting is the abstract. Center the word “Abstract” on the top of the next page then write the abstract without skipping any lines. Usually the abstract is about 150 words in length and usually states your thesis statement, results, and what you concluded.
  5. The next step in this style of formatting is to write the introduction.
  6. Next you would discuss your method of research and your results. This is where you talk about your experiments and actually give a summary of your results.
  7. Here is where your results are given in detail. You can use graphs and tables to explain your results if it makes things easier at this point.
  8. Here is where you will actually have one of your most important parts of your dissertation. Here is where your discussion occurs. You will have already talked about your results. Now you can elaborate and give the explanation and importance of your findings.
  9. Your Reference list goes here. There is software available that will allow you to make the references consistent with the rest of the citation style and it won’t take you forever to complete.
  10. After this, you can put an Appendices or any other tables or data that you may have thought was too long to choppy to put into the middle of the dissertation.