Looking For An Outstanding Persuasive Essay Example

If you have been assigned the task of writing a persuasive essay, you are on the right track if you are trying to find some good examples of the same before you begin working on it. There are several sources available on the internet that you can turn to. If you simply type the keywords in your internet search engine, you will find that there are some websites who claim to have persuasive essay examples.

What to look for in a persuasive essay example

So before you can trust a source to give you a good example of a persuasive essay, you should know what you are looking for. Here are some of the key features that such an essay should have - if an example contains these points then you can be sure that it has been written in the style of a persuasive essay.

  • The essay should be trying to convince you of an idea or theory. The writing should be making an argument strongly for a certain issue. If it is simply giving out information or listing opinions - then it is not technically a persuasive essay
  • The arguments used for persuasion should be based on logical facts and statistics and other practical techniques that can be used to convince the reader of an argument.
  • Finally, there should be some evidence or facts that are used in the writing to disprove the opposing side of the argument. This is another key factor in a persuasive essay - something you might not find in any other kind of essay.

Where will you find such an example?

  • Now that you know what a good persuasive essay should look like, you can begin looking for them on the internet
  • You can use this company for instance as a resource for finding the examples you are looking for
  • Ideally, you should look up sources and websites that have a good collection of high-quality academic papers, which are written with strong views and topics in mind.

As long as you remember to look out for those three key features that have been discussed, you will be easily able to spot a good persuasive essay. If the argument being made by the essay doesn’t convince you about the topic - you can be sure that the essay even if it has been written in the persuasive style is not a good one.